Who I am

I am a female Southampton UK based qualified Psychodynamic Counsellor providing a unique online counselling service and a face-to-face service. 
I have various accredited qualifications and am registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy which ensures that I am able to work with anyone who needs help. My qualifications include:
Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling and a Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling both within BACP. I also have a background in Secondary School teaching and tutoring.
I have experience in working with bereavement, depression, sexuality, anxiety and work related stress. I work with young people and I also work with sexuality/identity related issues and those who have experienced abuse.


What I provide

When our thoughts and feelings become overwhelming and invade our every day life, it's important to find a way of dealing with them. I provide an online counselling service that is friendly, safe, flexible and confidential.
I work within the Psychodynamic model which means that we talk about your feelings and explore where they might come from. We talk about this being from the unconscious. We talk about your past and how it affects your now. More importantly, we think about ways of coping with the strains of life, family and the future. People come to counselling for all sorts of reasons- nothing is weird or unusual. 
It can be a scary experience working through difficult feelings so it is important to feel valued and heard and to work at a pace that feels comfortable. I always work within the BACP guidelines so you can be reassured that you are safe when we work together.