Will I get better?

This is a question I am often asked.
It is difficult to say whether a "cure" is possible in every instance, after all, we are all different.
We start a journey when we are born and everything we experience builds us as a person. What I can say, is that working on understanding what has built us, leads to more of a peace within ourselves. It's unlikely we change completely; some people compare it to simply turning a light on and shining it into the fearful dark places.

Will I get worse?

Some people experience a worsening of their symptoms before they feel better. This is entirely natural although can be quite uncomfortable. Like wallpapering a room, you have to take the old down first to do a good job. This can be a messy experience.


"Victoria helped me through a very difficult time in my life with kindness and understanding. She listens empathetically and offers strategies and advice that can help to cope with anxiety, whilst remaining non-judgmental and professional. She has given me the tools to deal with whatever life has thrown at me, and the encouragement to believe in myself.
She is patient, insightful and effective in her support and has made a difference to my life for which I am truly thankful."
Michelle McCarthy, Southampton